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The sad fact is that summer will eventually wind down. And while most students are dreading the time when the long summer days come to an end, parents realize that there's a lot of remaining activities in order to school supplies guides should help to give you some suggestions. Below are some important things to keep in mind.

5th Grade-8th Grade

As they enter junior high, back to school gadgets for additional advice.

High School

It's time for Back to school makeup is a great guide for girls as they mature into women. See some more suggestions below.


Now that your child is off to college, his or her needs will change. Most young adults will be living on their own in dorms and will need Gifts for College Students guide and read on below.  

Keep It All Organized!

As students get older, they acquire more papers and documents that need to be filed away. Why not purchase a filing cabinet to do this quickly and easily? See a few models below. Organization doesn't stop when the file drawer closes. Parents need to keep track of their young child's daily activities, clothing, school and homework, supplies, and other ongoing events. Once September rolls around, you will hastily be given forms and tests to sign, and be asked, "Where are my shoes?" every single day. Whether your child is just starting school or entering high school, help keep his or her life (and yours) on track with a few helpful tips. * '''Label! Label! Label!''': Kids lose things or they get stolen. Make sure your child's name is clearly written on his/her belongings. This identifying mark will make that trip to the Lost and Found much easier.  * '''Keep Track''': Just as you keep track of bills and finances, you should also keep a log of money and forms sent to your child's teacher and school. It doesn't matter if it's a photocopy of a release form or money given for books, one you created, it will teach your child scheduling skills. * '''Save Clothing Drama''': Getting your kid up for school is incredibly hard, and that's why picking out clothing the night before will give them an extra minute or two of sleep and avoid those morning battles. Get your children in the habit of doing this at an early age, and hopefully it will stick with them. Also make sure clothes are stacked neatly with a wire divider so they're easy to find and not wrinkled! * '''Kitchen Mess No More''': Whether it's for use at home or in the dorm, a door pantry organizer will keep things neat.

Quick Picks

Here are some supplies that every kid (and parent) will find handy.

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